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Equadorian Miniature Banana Plant
RRP: £88.60
Now: £54.99
Product Code:14465
Out of Stock | 24 hour delivery

This stunning and incredibly realistic Miniature Banana Plant, is exclusive to Gifts & Plants, and is the only realistic way of keeping such a tropical plant in the UK. We have meticulously reproduced this stunning banana tree plant to offer a maintenance free alternative to the real Ecuadorian banana plants. This tree is virtually impossible to keep in our environment so why spend your time and effort trying to nurture this plant when Modern day alternatives are just a phone call away. Our stunning artificial banana plants Look amazing in homes, offices and businesses.

Perfect for homes and businesses. This modern day alternative is just a phone call away.

Plant is supplied in a plastic terracotta pot, making it easy for you to place in an outer pot of your choice.

Height: 145cm
weight: 10kg

*When choosing a planter, please select a medium sized planter for this Equadorian Miniature Banana Plant.


Amazingly real tree, all that's missing are the bananas!!

Gordon Wyle, Carlisle -


Hey!!! received my plant banana plant today and I must say it is very effective, you would have to look over it a few times or even close up to tell that it was not real, the real banana skin trunk really makes it all the more convincing. Better than expected, so thanks very much Gordon.

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