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New Arrivals At Gifts & Plants The Home Of Artificial Trees/Plants has expanded its superb collection of artificial trees & plants by adding several more varieties. Over the last 6 months Gifts & Plants gathered information from customers asking what they would like to see as additions to its current stock on our internet shop. With 100's of reviews scrutinized, the below trees have now been added to compliment the current collection.

Finger Palm Tree 5ft

This finger palm tree originates in south china and has a thin suckering trunk with a brown woven fibre on it. The dark green foliage is an almost full circle palmate with long thin leaflets. The leaf fan has an unusual characteristic in that the centre and two outer leaflets are wider than the others. This artificial replica standing at 5ft tall is considered the ultimate Lady palm due to the fan leaves with its numerous narrow segments and slender canes. Certainly worth the effort to get one or more for your surroundings and you will be rewarded with one of the most desired Palm tree varieties and hassle free!!

Luxury 5ft tall Grasses

A large collection of artificial grasses was a popular choice for our customers and the variety we have chosen is replicated from USA, This beautiful selection of tropical grass is found in the everglades in Florida, and once potted in an outer planter, will make the perfect centre piece for any room or conservatory.

Californian Eucalyptus Tree

This Californian variety of eucalyptus tree was introduced to California by Australians during the California gold rush in the 1850's. Much of California had a similar climate to parts of Australia so thousands of acres of eucalypts were planted.

This stunning eucalyptus has beautiful silver/green foliage making it very distinguishing against other varieties, and with it being 6ft tall and full, makes this tree the perfect focal point for any home or business.

We believe the addition of these new amazing trees further improves our artificial tree collection, giving even greater choice for our thousands of customers who visit our web shop on a daily basis.

You can see the new collection as described above plus the complete range of artificial trees, plants and flowers by visiting the superb website

The web shop offers superb navigation plus secure 128bit encrypted shopping basket for your online comfort.