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Mayfair Artificial Grass The Perfect Solution To Your Garden Nightmares

Gifts & Plants the UK distributor of Mayfair Artificial Grass lawn for the last 5 years and has seen the demand in Mayfair Artificial Grass increase year on year. Mayfair Artificial Grass is a premium artificial grass and is probably the most realistic to a natural lawn in the world. It is manufactured in Holland; nature inspired the designers of Mayfair Grass. The design of the grass fibres mimics the colours, the shape and the structure of natural grass. A robust core, the so-called "backbone" of the fibres, maintains the upright stance of the fibre. And if you stroke the grass with your hand, you will notice its softness on your skin.

Even under heavy use, the grass is able to spring back into shape. All artificial grass products form Mayfair Artificial Grass have this unique backbone, which is produced exclusively for Mayfair Artificial Grass by Koninklijke TenCate, world market leader in the field of artificial grass fibres, and astro turf.

Peter Drinkell Managing Director Explains: Mayfair Artificial Grass is completely unperturbed by whatever winter or summer may throw at it. The artificial grass retains its rich colour year after year as it is made from high-quality TenCate artificial grass fibres and is extensively tested for UV-resistance and protection against discolouration under extreme circumstances. We offer a manufacturers guarantee of a 10-year warranty on colourfastness, not like some Astroturf suppliers.

Peter Continues;

When we started installing artificial lawns across the UK with Mayfair Artificial Grass, one of the main reasons our clients wanted artificial grass was the dry hot summers "how times change", we are now finding that our clients need Mayfair grass so they can utilise there garden all years round. Due to inconsistent weather condition we continually experience in the UK a real lawn can be so unpractical hence your lawn or garden only be used very infrequently.

Mayfair Grass artificial grass was developed for its aesthetic value and is produced with the greatest of care. Height and density of the grass are carefully matched. The result is a lawn nature would be jealous of. It is a splendid ground cover that would adorn any location, whether in the shade or in sunny situations. With its natural look, it will match any garden design, from classical to trendy, and from romantic to practical.

Put an end to your garden nightmares and choose artificial Grass from Mayfair Artificial Grass, not only will it transform your garden, but it is the only practical way of using your garden in our inconsistent climate, concludes peter

Gifts & Plants the perfect answer to your hanging basket nightmares

Gifts & Plants the UK's Premier supplier of artificial plants, artificial trees, artificial flowers has expanded its range of luxury artificial hanging baskets to keep up with demand. Fake hanging baskets are ever increasing in popularity due to the ease of upkeep and due to the fact that they are now more realistic than ever due to the technology in manufacture.

Peter Drinkell Managing Director explains:

We have seen the demand for quality floral hanging baskets go through the roof in the last month, obviously this is due to summer fast approaching and currently if you are think real hanging basket then you are limited in colour and growth. Artificial flowers and artificial hanging baskets have improved incredibly over that last few years and now look incredibly realistic, this is another reason why they are ever increasing in popularity. We are finding that not only are more and more businesses buying them for ease of maintenance but home purchases are increasing as well.

Peter Continues;

Hanging basket nightmares are now a regular occurrence in the UK due to the unpredictable weather, the poor flowers are not sure which season they are in, you may have a beautiful fully hanging basket one minute and 2-3 days of high winds and rain and all will be lost. This is the sad tale from homeowners right across the country; this is where our superb artificial floral baskets come into their own.

We offer a superb selection of hanging baskets, some with the very popular fuchsia flowers, other's with a variety of flora, all very fully and all very realistic. You can see why artificial hanging baskets are becoming the popular way of beating the environment. Concludes Peter.