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Mayfair Artificial Grass The Art Of Lawn Making

Whether you are looking for artificial grass for a small or large garden, or for your balcony or roof terrace, Mayfair Grass has the right type of artificial grass for your particular situation. The high-quality artificial grass types Mayfair Grass Exclusive, Mayfair Grass Parc, and Mayfair Grass Deluxe are all produced with the greatest of care. So don't just choose artificial grass, choose Mayfair Grass, with the emphasis on art.

Mayfair Grass wants to be touched, all types of Mayfair Grass are inspired by nature. The design of the grass fibres mimics the colours, the shape and the structure of natural grass. A robust core, the so-called "backbone" of the fibres, maintains the upright stance of the fibre. You will recognise our products by this natural V shape. And if you stroke the grass with your hand, or walk on it barefoot, you will notice its softness on your skin. The artificial grass fibres with the natural V shape are exclusively produced for Mayfair Grass by TenCate, world-wide market leader in the area of artificial grass fibres.

Mayfair Grass artificial grass was developed for its aesthetic value and is produced with the greatest of care. Height and density of the grass are carefully matched. The result is a lawn nature would be jealous of. It is a splendid ground cover that would adorn any location, whether in the shade or in sunny situations. With its natural look, it will match any garden design, from classical to trendy, and from romantic to practical.

Mayfair Grass is top-quality artificial grass. It's a bold statement. And a true one. Mayfair Grass is completely unperturbed by whatever winter or summer may throw at it. The grass retains its rich colour year after year. Mayfair Grass is made from high-quality TenCate artificial grass fibres and is extensively tested for UV-resistance and protection against discolouration under extreme circumstances. In the UK, Mayfair Grass gives a 10-year warranty on colour fastness. And there's nothing you need to do for this.

Why not see the very latest in animated technology, showing you clearly the benefits of a Mayfair grass lawn?

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