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Gifts & Plants Introduces Artificial Palm Trees

Gifts & Plants has introduced a sensational range of palm trees to it already growing portfolio, the palm trees in question being the Coconut Palm Tree, the Solitaire Palm Tree & the Grand Phoenix Palm Tree, all palm trees are hand made to the highest quality using the finest material, insuring the very best in lifelike reproduction palm trees.

Peter Drinkell Managing Director explains;

Over the last 6 months we have been asked on a regular basis about stocking a range of realistic palm trees of a medium height (Approx 8ft tall). We decided on a range of 3 varieties that would suit our varied customer base of hotels, businesses and larger homes.

Coconut Palm Tree

The coconut palm tree is a beautiful looking palm tree that has been meticulously re-produced and is synonymous to the perception of what a palm tree should look like. It has a beautifully crafted trunk that rises to the summit where an explosion of stunning foliages of dark and mid greens creates the most wonderful appearance. This classic looking palm tree is perfect for all venues, whether home or business this palm will make the perfect focal point. The Height being approx 240cm around 8ft tall when spruced.

Solitaire Palm Tree

This stunning looking palm tree that originates from Australia has been meticulously produced to the finest detail. The solitaire palm tree or Latin name of Ptychosperma Elegans, has a wonderful full foliage with feather shaped leaves, and thin crown shafted trunks with faint rings. This stunning palm tree is perfect for homes and businesses alike, take a look at the Images and see how versatile this palm is, it will make your environment the topic of conversation. Again the height is approx 230cm, around 8 feet when spruced.

Peter Continues: Finally we have the last of our stunning trees.

Grand Phoenix Palm

A truly superior palm tree of grandeur and scale, the grand phoenix palm stands over 8ft tall, and has amazing lifelike foliage, and intricate stems. The beautifully crafted leaves of deep and light greens clearly make it a focal point for any large room, hotel lobby, function room, or restaurant, etc.

Peter Concludes; All these palm trees clearly have a place in any large home or business, the grandeur & the beauty of these finest reproduction trees will make it a focal point of any environment. You can see all our range of palm trees on our website at, there is a variety of pictures for each tree in lifestyle surroundings.