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Photograph Mayfair Lawn Grass logo Photograph of our Artificial Mayfair Lawn Grass Product

Product: Mayfair Supreme Lawn

Now with Double V Shaped Blades for extra support!

Now available in 2 Pile Heights!

Height: 34mm £22.99.
Height: 25mm £17.99.

£22.99 per sqm

Supreme Mayfair Grass was developed for maximum comfort and a minimum of maintenance, with its double V Shaped Backbone helping the grass to remain tall. Perfect for garden, roof terraces balconies and more other applications.

Photograph of our Artificial Mayfair Lawn Grass Product

Mayfair Grass is a full grass system, this means no infill required for installation. it is made of a combination of polyethylene monofilament for its soft feel and textured nylon rootzone to further enhance its realistic appearance. The Double V shaped Blades and rootzone supports the monofilament blades to form a grass like volume.

An affordable way to add luxury grass wherever you need it.

Luxury artificial grass designed to resemble natural grass, it has unique, exclusive materials to make it softer with less shine. It is made with new colour combinations of 8 fibres per bundle: 4 x light green + 4 x deep green with a max pile height of 34mm. The expected lifetime of Mayfair Lawn is 10 years plus, so it's 100% worthwhile the additional investment of getting it installed professionally.

Perfect for any environment, from gardens, holiday homes, roof terraces, decoration for exhibitions, etc.