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Get An Estimate

Thank you for enquiring about an estimate for your artificial turf needs.

Before you request a member of our fitting team to visit and give you a fully in depth quotation on your requirements, it is possible to do yourself an aprox estimate using the following tips. It will give you a idea of the costs of whichever product you are enquiring about, you can see whether it is within your budget.

Photograph Mayfair Artificial Grass

OK, get yourself a long tape measure and lets get measuring.

Measuring is straight forward, please measure the area you are going to lawn into square metres. Whether the area is shaped or round please keep it as square metres for estimating purposes.

Photograph Mayfair Artificial Grass

Once you have done this, break the area down in to 4 and 2 metre widths please see diagram, as this is the widths of the rolls, the length will not be an issue as all rolls are 25 metres long and can be cut as required. For estimating purpose please work out the best way of utilising the rolls widths.

Please see diagram this shows you how to best ulitise the widths of the rolls.

Photograph Mayfair Artificial Grass

You can only join rolls in one direction so you may have off cuts, please bear this in mind when working out the area to be done. (The best and most efficient way of laying our artificial turf is by making sure the area to be laid is worked out in even numbers.)

Photograph Mayfair Artificial Grass

On illustration the square meterage of the turf required is 27 sq. metres. Please multiply the sq.m by the cost of the turf you require.

If you have a garden that has lot of shapes and corners to your current lawn and you are still unsure how to best get the dimensions and sq.meter figures please click here as this detailed diagram will help.

Now you have an estimate of the the amount of artificial turf required please add the following costs.