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Artificial Grass Lawn Chichester


Chichester was the port of call for our team of experienced installers. The client's home was spectacular in design and style, however with the garden was in need of updating to compliment the rest of the home. The homeowner being a garden designer, created a wonderful garden design, which incorporated Artificial Grass, which was duly installed in 4 days. Once completed the garden looked amazing, with the lush green Artificial Grass perfectly off setting the vibrant colours of the stunning floral displays and contemporary water feature. As you can see from the photos Artificial Grass will compliment all gardens what ever size and stature, Artificial Grass is the perfect maintenance free lawn for any garden and business.

Mayfair Artificial Lawn - Only £22.99 per sqm

If you need any assistance, need a sample or have any questions with artificial lawn then please do not hesitate to contact us

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