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Why Artificial Grass?

As one of the UK's leading suppliers of artificial turf, you can be assured that you have made the right decision by enquiring about our our artificial grass.

Our artificial turf is exclusive to us, is second to none and will always be a beautiful colour. In all weathers. Season after season. Year after year.

No matter what you expose your artificial lawn to, be it dogs, children, let them play around.Your lawn will not be disturbed.

If your lawn is suffering because of a hosepipe ban or drought order, then artificial grass is the only answer.

Mowers are a thing of the past, give it to your neighbour!

Enjoy the luxury of your garden. Cutting your grass is history, it will have the same length always and is suitable for shaded areas, moss will not easily occur. Throw away your lawn mowers and strimers; Artificial Lawn will revolutionize your garden,

Mayfair Lawn is a revolutionary artificial grass product that looks incredibly real, modern Astro turf grass is perfect for your family lawn and is maintenance free and looks great all year round. The term Astro turf is is widely used to portray artificial grass.

Our Mayfair Lawn gives you THE UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to own a healthy lush looking, practically no maintenance lawn all year round. looking like natural grass whilst offering numerous advantages:

  • Never again will you have to look at ugly scorched grass in the summer
  • You will never have to water your grass
  • It stays green and lush all year round
  • No amount of use will ever disturb the superior esthetical aspect of your lawn
  • It is child friendly making it perfect for playing and rolling on as well as picnics and inflatable swimming pools
  • It may be applied to any size or shaped garden including roof terraces. Patios and the less conventional areas for creating a garden
  • It is the perfect answer to muddy patches that arise in shaded areas, and moss does not easily occur

  • Looking for a grass estimate? We are very competitive, and have been installing Artificial lawns for nearly 10 years. give us a call.

See for yourself; send for your free sample today!

Artificial Grass Lawn

Product: Mayfair Supreme Lawn

Mayfair Grass was developed for maximum comfort and a minimum of maintenance. Perfect for garden, roof terraces balconies and more other applications.

Mayfair Grass is a full grass system, this means no infill required for installation. It is made of a combination of polyethylene monofilament for its soft feel and textured nylon rootzone to further enhance its realistic appearance. The rootzone one supports the monofilament blades to it a grass like volume. An affordable way to add luxury grass wherever you need it.

Now available in 2 Pile Heights!

Height: 34mm £22.99.

Height: 25mm £17.99.

More Info
Photograph of our Artificial Mayfair Lawn Grass Product


Please contact us by email for more information

Due to the products quality and excellence, we would always recommend that Mayfair Artificial Lawn is fitted by our highly trained staff. This makes sure its durability is assured and giving a professional finish everytime. It is not a stipulation, however you can purchase any product and install yourself.

We have installed a huge amount of gardens across the UK with artificial grass, above you can view a small cross section of our fittings to illustrate our installation process.

With each garden being unique in size and shape, see how seamlessly our artificial lawn fits in with the surroundings creating a perfect lawn year after year. The process of laying the lawn is clearly visible from the photos taken during each installation, we recommend that the correct ground works are undertaken before the installation of your lawn ensuring the longevity of your beautiful grass. We can arrange all your requirements regardless of which county you reside.

Please click on the installations above to illustrate how we installed artificial lawn in the various gardens.

Mayfair Artificial Lawn is the most popular artificial grass we sell. Our unique artificial lawn will always keep it one step ahead of competitors.

Over the last 15 years we have continually adapted to the market place and now offer an amazing product at the very best price.

Photograph of our Artificial Mayfair Lawn Grass Product


Does Mayfair Grass feel like real grass?

The best thing to do is request a sample and feel the grass yourself. Due to the unique construction of Mayfair Artificial Grass, it feels like real, fresh-cut grass. You will not believe your own eyes.

Why is Mayfair Lawn almost identical to natural grass?

Mayfair Grass is a complete artificial grass system, not just a roll of artificial grass carpet. Carefully selected fibres with natural shapes and colours are processed into a beautiful high piled construction which even increases natural appearance. Any possible joints between rolls will almost be invisibly installed. Mayfair Lawn can also be fitted seamlessly to terraces, walls, and even rocks, because it can be cut in any possible shape or form. The final result with Mayfair Lawn will be astonishing. You, your family, friends and neighbours won't believe their eyes.

Does Mayfair Lawn have ecological consequences?

It is not damaging for the environment. Even better, it helps the environment. Mayfair Lawn does not need any water, pesticides, fertilizing or mowing. That makes a great difference, especially with the hot summers of the past few years. And also in dry and water restricted areas in countries around the mediterrenean sea. It can save tremendous amounts of scarce water that is being used for watering natural grass. Of course, Mayfair Artificial Grass needs to be recycled in an appropriate way after its use.

Is Mayfair Lawn causing less hay fever?

The hay fever will not disappear totally of course, but people who are sensitive for it, will be able to sit and relax outside on their own lawn, without having extra troubles of hay fever.

Can Mayfair Lawn lose its colour?

The unique construction of the grass prevents that it loses its colour. No matter how much sun, rain, hail and snow it will suffer from. Mayfair Lawn is tested for fading and UV-stability under the most heavy conditions.

Is Mayfair Lawn able to stand up against roots and moles?

Thanks to the very strong back on which the fibres are attached, roots have no chance. Roots can not grow through the the grass. This applies also for moles. They will stay underneath the grass.

Is it possible to have a barbecue on Mayfair Artificial Grass?

We recommend that the best thing to do is of course to have a barbecue on a paved surface and entertain on the grass. Hot coals will scorch the grass.

Can I install the grass myself?

Mayfair Lawn can be installed by yourself and we would be happy to supply you the materials if you require. However we would always recommend that it is installed by our team of installers as they have experience in installing artifical grass. Our installers will take care of the ground works and surface preparation, after which the artificial grass will be installed with consideration to detail.

Does Mayfair Lawn need any maintenance?

Like almost anything, Mayfair Artificial Grass needs maintenance as well, though the maintenance will be minimal, it is required that all natural debris, like leaves and seeds, are removed when necessary from the grass to prevent weeds coming up. If weeds however do come up, they can be removed by using a rank. Brushing the lawn in the direction against the pile will also make sure that the pile will be standing tall for longer.

Is it possible to use a blower on Mayfair Lawn

A blower can be used without any problems on the grass.

Is Mayfiair Lawn suitable for balconies or roof terraces?

It can be installed everywhere, even on your balcony. Though, it is necessary that your balcony has good drainaging properties to prevent that the balcony floods. Especially for this purpose, we have introduced foam plates, which have excellent draining properties and provide you with comfort on top.

Is Mayfair Lawn suitable for my vacation residence?

It is perfect for a natural looking artificial grass at your vacation residence. The advantages are:

- cost savings in maintenance; you won't need time of your gardener to cut, maintain and water your lawn.

- cost savings in water use; you will drastically decrease your water bill! On average artificial grass can save you upto 50% of your water use. Especially when your bill is scaled pro-rated on your water use, this can have a tremendous impact on your monthly water bill.

- tranquility; during your stay at your vacation residence, you will be less bothered by maintenance people in your garden since artificial grass needs no mowing or watering or other weekly maintenance.

Always green; your lawn at your vacation residence will always look perfectly green and well maintained with artificial grass. Water sprinkler systems could fail during yor absence, or even your water flow could be stopped for any reason. Natural grass would rapidly become yellow and die.

Where can Mayfair Lawn be installed?

Artificial Grass can be applied in many ways and on many different places. In principal, artificial grass can be installed everywhere where natural grass is desired, but isn't able to grow or is very difficult to maintain. Some examples where artificial grass has been installed recently:

  • gardens at family houses
  • gardens at office buildings
  • roof terraces
  • offices indoor
  • as decoration on exhibition floors
  • in shops
  • verges, media