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Japanese Fruticosa

Exclusive Japanese Fruticosa Tree Now In Stock

The Peruvian Palm Tree | Large 8ft tall Artificial Tree
The Peruvian Palm Tree

This stunning palm tree is as good as it looks, It is made with natural Palm skin that rises up the Trunk and beautiful lifestyle foliage to complete the palm. Standing 8ft tall (with the foliage) you have the very best in luxury palm tree.

Was £299.99 Now £239.99 More Info
Red Japanese Blossom Tree
Red Japanese Blossom Tree

Blossom Tree Made to the finest detail with a real wood twisting stem and the finest lifestyle leaves. You have amazing red foliage and the beautiful cream hanging flowers to complete this tree. Every tree is handmade, so Height can vary.

Was £129.99 Now £89.60 More Info

Looking for easy gardening?... well artificial grass offers your garden the virtual maintenance free solution. Our Pioneering Synthetic Grass product (Mayfair Supreme) is made of Thiolin fibres so giving you the opportunity to own a beautiful, practically and no maintenance lawn all year round. Mayfair Supreme artificial lawn has a No Fade Guarantee of 10 years, giving you a beautiful colour in all weathers and seasons. No matter what you expose your artificial lawn to be it dogs, children, let them play around your lawn will not be disturbed.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

There is no need to spray or fertilise your artificial lawn, so you will notice the amazing savings on your water bill. There is no need for your neighbours to take care of your plastic grass lawn when you are going on holidays too.

Forget about cutting grass and trimming the edges, artificial grass will have the same length always and is perfect for the more shaded areas of your garden. Moss will not easily occur too, as our latest lawns have a thatch build in the pile so no sand or infills are needed ensuring your artificial grass remains moss or algae free. Let the garden look after you and not you looking after the garden.

Artificial Grass

We have been installing a variety of premium artificial grasses for many years and have teams of fitters that install across the UK. Over the last 10 years we have installed hundreds of gardens, from Scotland to Wales, from the Midlands to the South Coast.

With fake grass becoming increasingly popular, in fact! the vogue product for 2018, Mayfair Supreme artificial lawn is leading the way in accuracy and quality, so why not send for a free sample today? Seeing really is believing.

Nature served as the example when the very latest generation of premium artificial grass was developed. Natural grass stays upright due to each blades V-shape and central backbone. A similar application was also applied to our premium artificial turf to keep the fibres standing tall.

Realistic Bamboo Trees, Banana Plants and Bay Trees

We are continually revising and updating our range of artificial trees and plants. We are excited to introduce even more exclusive artificial plants and trees, including our best selling and stunning Japanese Fruticosa tree meticulously reproduced to the finest detail. We hope that our revised collection offers you a simple and exclusive collection for home or business.

So what's popular for 2018? Bamboo trees have always been a favourite especially our 6ft variety, which offers you the perfect centre piece for any home or office. As mentioned our exclusive Japanese Fruticosa will always make your room the topic of conversation and our Banana plants are also a very good value purchase, the foliage of large leaves and floppy stems combined with real banana tree foliage, always makes them a very popular choice.

Finally how could we nearly forget the ever popular artificial topiary Bay Trees, they are the perfect foil for the front of your house, standing either side of the door they bring a classic but contemporary feel to any home or business. If you are looking for contemporary foliage then look no further, our Contemporary Spider Plant are perfect for any environment and look amazing all year round.

Laurel Bay
Laurel Bay

A classic English tree with an amazing look, the single stem rises to the dark green foliage. This popular tree is seen far and wide across the UK outside entrances in pairs.

Was £89.99 Now £59.99 More Info
Mediterranean Lotus Plant
Mediterranean Lotus Plant

Looking for a mediterranean touch of class to your decoration, a plant that looks amazing year in year out, then this plant is for you, reproduced to the finest detail.

Was £49.99 Now £29.99 More Info
Japanese Fruticosa
Japanese Fruticosa

An artificial tree of stunning proportions standing at 165cm. Virtually maintenance free, this artificial tree has been carefully packed to reach you in pristine condition.

Was £109.99 Now £99.99 More Info
Colarado Fir Christmas Tree (Black)
Colarado Fir Christmas Tree (Black)

A very popular black Christmas tree with over 1000 tips, this dense tree which stands around 6.5ft tall and 4ft wide looks amazing when fully decorated.

Was £139.99 Now £109.99 More Info

Artificial Plants & Flowers

Maintenance free except occasional dusting, our artificial plants and flowers adapt to anywhere in your home or business, from the extreme environments in your conservatory or to the hustle and bustles of your office, artificial plants or flowers will create that essential focus for creative living.

All our artificial plants and foliage leaves are manufactured with a UV coating to ensure the lasting colour when in direct sunlight, the plants are pollen free for asthma and allergy sufferers. Most are supplied in small plastic terracotta coloured pots making it easy for you to situate in a planter of your choice.

View a stunning collection - Fantastic New and Exclusive range of Artificial Flowers. Low Low Prices. Now in stock:

Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily

For centuries the lily has ranked as one of the most popular flowers in the world, so popular in fact, that we have meticulously recreated one in its entire splendor.

Was £39.99 Now £26.99 More Info
Contemporary Spider Plant
Chilean Cactus Plant

This is an amazing Cactus plant of fantastic colour and texture. Originating in Chile these small cactus are now found throughout south America.

Was £29.99 Now £24.99 More Info

Luxury Christmas Tree Collection 2018...Express Delivery!

Equadorian Miniature Banana Plant

Prices From Only £89.99

Equadorian Miniature Banana Plant